Dickies Arena Health and Safety Guidelines

Trail Drive Management Corp. (TDMC), the not-for-profit operating entity of Dickies Arena, is committed to providing an exceptional experience for all, which begins with providing steps dedicated to the health and safety of our team members, performers, patrons and guests.

TDMC’s already high standards of cleanliness have been enhanced to provide the safest experience for all who visit Dickies Arena. The Health and Safety Guidelines will be reviewed regularly by the TDMC Health Protocol Committee, and will be updated as necessary.

Guest Experience and What to Expect
  • Arrival and Parking at Dickies Arena

      In addition to maintaining Dickies Arena’s parking spaces, TDMC’s parking department oversees the Will Rogers Memorial Complex and several museums within the Cultural District. Because of this, guests can expect a consistent response throughout the campus, and the parking department will work closely with TDMC’s housekeeping and operations team to maintain the same standards of cleanliness in the parking lots as are expected within the venue.

      Parking booths will be sanitized throughout the day and completely disinfected at the end of each shift. Pre-paid parking into some lots will be available through Ticketmaster to encourage minimal contact when arriving at Dickies Arena parking lots. TDMC team members will maintain a 6’ distance as much as possible.

      Guests will be visually directed in terms of where to park, and parking spaces may be intentionally left open to maintain physical distancing.

  • Bag Policy


      Approved bags: Bags are not to exceed 12″x6″x12″.  A clear tote, small purse, small fashion backpack, small clutch, plastic storage bags and drawstring bags are acceptable if they don’t exceed the size of 12″x6″x12″.

      Non-approved bags:  Bags that exceed 12″x6″x12″ including but not limited to a backpack, oversized purse, oversized tote bag, suitcase/luggage, messenger/laptop bag, duffel bag, and cooler.  These non-approved bags will not be permitted inside the arena.

      If attending an event at Dickies Arena, please leave non-approved bags at home.

      Please click here for the bag policy flyer.

      Please note that the venue bag policy can change at any time.

  • Cleaning Protocols

      The below overview is intended to be a general description of equipment, chemicals and regular process that will occur at all levels. This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of all products, equipment, chemicals and processes utilized in Dickies Arena, but rather a general guide specific to the COVID-19 Response Plan.

      TDMC uses cleaning products and protocols that meet EPA guidelines and are approved for use against fighting viruses, bacteria and other airborne and bloodborne pathogens. Various multipurpose disinfectant cleaners, electrostatic sprayers and fluid spill kits are in use at Dickies Arena, and all necessary PPE for protection and proper sanitization are regularly in use.

      Hand sanitizer dispensers with a solution of at least 60% alcohol are placed throughout Dickies Arena for all employees, attendees, promoters, artists, and other occupants of the venue.

      The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting has been increased in all public facing spaces. Dedicated housekeepers will sanitize high touch points throughout Dickies Arena before, during and after events. These spaces include bathrooms – with high touch point areas such as stall doors, flushing devices, railings, toilet paper dispensers and baby changing stations – as well as concourses, elevators, seating areas, dining areas, the Dickies Arena box office and concessions stands. Continued increased cleaning and disinfectant  application for high touch points such as door handles, elevator buttons, railings, etc., will be in place. Areas will be regularly disinfected throughout the duration of an event.

  • Elevators and Escalators

      Guests will be strongly encouraged to practice physical distancing when using the escalators, and TDMC team members will be placed at all landings to help escalator flow. Elevators will be for ADA use only, and only the ADA guest and one companion will be allowed access onto the elevator.

  • Entering Dickies Arena

      Please Note: Face coverings are highly encouraged to be worn inside of Dickies Arena. Guests should arrive with a face covering ready, and the face covering should be in place before entering the venue. Guests are expected to provide their own face covering, as Dickies Arena is not providing or selling masks at this time.

      As guests approach the venue, they will see the exterior signage sharing the updated venue policies. In addition to physical signage, announcements will be audible to accommodate guests with sensory challenges and different language skills.

      Guest services team members will walk along the lines at ingress and be visible on the plaza and near entrances to communicate the health and safety guidelines as they enter and move through the arena.

  • Food & Beverage

      Food & beverage operations will continue to maintain high standards of compliance with current health and safety regulations throughout front and back of house areas. The team will continue to follow and implement all recommended safe food handling practices as communicated by the local health departments and will ensure regular cleaning of all food service  equipment, production and service areas. The guidelines below are based on the current situation and may be adjusted accordingly, depending on the event and the situation.

      All contact surfaces will be cleaned in between guest transactions. Condiment stations will be outfitted with individually dispensed utensils and wrapped straws, and all bulk items such as ketchup will be removed. Individually packaged alternatives will be issued with items at the point of purchase. All fresh items traditionally available, such as jalapenos will be removed and made available upon request at our concession stand locations.

      Seating will be adjusted within all restaurant and dining spaces to maintain physical distancing guidelines in place at the time of the event. Distancing will be maintained at the host stand and during the seating process. All service items will be removed from each table and brought as needed throughout the dining experience, and menus provided will be disposable. Guests will have the option of being served in disposable drinkware, and traditional place settings will be replaced by roll-ups to limit exposure of utensils. Food item transport will be done with caution to limit exposure to elements.

      Given the uniquely private nature of these operating areas within the arena, discussions will be had directly with individual suite and loge box holders regarding available changes to their arena experience in their private spaces and will be implemented as desired. Traditional shared guest experiences will be modified to ensure guest safety.

      All dedicated private event spaces and all associated furniture and equipment will be sanitized between every event. Options as they pertain to event set-up, service style, staffing levels, etc. will be outlined for and discussed with every host. Selected practices will be implemented and executed as desired.

  • Nursing Mothers' and Sensory Needs Rooms

      Special use rooms, such as the venue’s two nursing mothers’ rooms and the sensory needs room, will be locked. However, guests looking to access these spaces can check in at a guest services location, and a representative will assist. Housekeeping team members will be deployed to sanitize the special use rooms between each guest.

  • Physical Distancing

      Physical distancing measures will be in place throughout the venue. Guests should anticipate social distancing messaging on the venue concourses, at concessions stands, in the Dickies Arena box office, in bathrooms and elsewhere. Guests are expected to abide by the social distancing guidelines for their safety and the health and safety of all patrons. Floor markings may be in place to provide guidance to keep distance and move throughout the venue safely.

      Guests should anticipate reduced capacity seating throughout the venue in dining spaces, based on the current regulations in place. We will alter our capacities as needed based on those regulations.

      Some areas may have propped doors to minimize contact. This could include access into the box office and into the venue itself. Guests are asked to follow the instructions on posted signage and verbal instructions from TDMC employees.

  • Seating and Moving About the Arena

      Depending on the event, guests could be directed to specific entrances based on seat location. Additionally, they may be encouraged to stay within certain areas of the arena based on their seat location.

      Guests should be prepared for potential changes in egress at the end of an event. Guests could be asked to exit the arena in a ‘church style’ egress procedure in which patrons are asked to remain seated and wait for an usher to dismiss rows individually. Any such changes in egress procedures will be announced and communicated at the beginning and end of the event.

      Some areas may have cash only lines, including the Dickies Arena box office, concessions stands, parking booths, etc. Guests will be encouraged to use credit or debit cards to minimize contact, but patrons will be allowed to use cash as an option.

  • Ticketing Plan and Seating Capacities

      Seating capacities may be established with limited spacing, or with spacing between parties to allow for physical distancing protocols. Each event is unique in its configuration and set-up and is often dependent on guidance from the event promoter. Specific seating capacity maps will be created for each event.